Structured 501c3

The Life Foundation will work with select charitable organizations in facilitating the provision of structured annual support payments over extended periods. The support can be structured to provide annual payments for the organization for periods from 10-40 years.

The ability to provide these benefits will require the organization and the Life Foundation to work closely together in using our collective public and private relationships to identify opportunities and bring them to successful realization.

The Foundation will seek to promote connections among organizations doing complementary work, including nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, and for-profit entities, in order to advance best practices and build knowledge within the field. Thus, the long-term commitments may be divided between complimentary organizations.

Sometimes, several groups working in related fields do not know each other. There is much that can be done to alleviate this tendency and in some situations grantors have a unique overview that can help bring organizations together. We often see a larger picture and spot similar trends and needs. Through introducing nonprofits to each other across program and/or even international lines, some of these introductions will turn into wonderful collaborations, growing organically out of shared interests and complementary goals and resulting in shared work that advances the missions of all involved.