The Life Foundation’s ¬†actively wants to support organizations that strive to protect our environment, safeguarding the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends.

Organizations like the National Resource Defense Council “work to restore the integrity of the elements that sustain life — air, land and water — and to defend endangered natural places; strive to protect nature in ways that advance the long-term welfare of present and future generations; work to foster the fundamental right of all people to have a voice in decisions that affect their environment; seek to break down the pattern of disproportionate environmental burdens borne by people of color and others who face social or economic inequities; striving to help create a new way of life for humankind, one that can be sustained indefinitely without fouling or depleting the resources that support all life on Earth”.

The Foundation is actively looking for environmental programs to support that show promise for providing new, innovative ways to help organizations like the NRDC in their mission. To that end we will consider supporting organizations that exhibit promise in finding new innovative ways for:

Saving species, contributing to the vital balance of all living things; Conserving landscapes and seascapes to support human well-being, biological diversity, and natural resource preservation; Empowering local communities to ensure the responsible and effective use of natural resources;  and/or Raising awareness of environmental issues and build organic partnerships between governments, development institutions, corporations, partner organizations, and local communities.

The state of our environment impacts all aspects of the Life Foundations mission. For example, our adaptive mission cannot thrive if there are no safe places for the disabled to engage in therapeutic activities. We need to ensure that current and future generations are going to be able to continue to use the world as their playground.