Disaster Relief

The LIFE Foundation is uniquely qualified and keenly focused on contributing to current and future disaster recovery. The Foundation will develop new programs and/or support existing programs to build low income housing for those who lost their homes, rebuild facilities for not for profits to continue delivering services, build new facilities for not for profits to begin delivering services, and rebuild existing or build new buildings to replace Federal, State, and local government facilities lost or damaged in disasters. Through re-building existing facilities and building new facilities in this manner, the Foundation will allow qualified organizations to focus on their core competencies, delivering services to those impacted by the disasters, while we address the organization’s facility requirements. (Please also see Government Lease Programs to lessen the burden of government- transferring the benefits generated by government real estate activities from private developers back to where they belong: to government agencies, taxpayers and local charitable endeavors as this may provide other ideas on disaster relief options).

One of the LIFE Foundation’s main disaster relief programs involve supporting the development of “one stop shop” facilities in conjunction with local government entities to be occupied by complimentary qualified government and charitable entities. As people impacted by the disasters have limited time, energy and resources this will allow those in need to receive a wide array of assistance and support in rebuilding their lives at one location. One stop shops will also facilitate the efficient delivery of resources allocated to disaster relief by significantly enhancing the accessibility of available programs. Finally, one stop shops will allow qualified entities to allocate a greater percentage of assets to disaster relief through operational savings achieved by sharing administrative functions and facility savings achieved through economies of scale.

Although requests for assistance from disaster relief will be judged on the same criteria set forth in our grant guidelines section, significant consideration will be given to the impact of the disaster on the applicant’s operations in evaluating the quality of each respective application.