Application Guidelines

In lieu of a formal application, the Foundation requests the following:

A succinct cover letter containing a brief history and description of the organization, including any recent achievements or honors. A brief description of the program(s) to be considered for funding or which should be considered in the context of a request for general operating support. A brief description of the needs/goals to be addressed and a description of the project implementation. A precise description of the project outcomes, the assessment or evaluation plan, and quantifiable goals by which the project can be measured.* An itemized budget for the project. Current organizational annual budget.

The most recent audited financial statement must accompany the proposal (please note that we rarely fund organizations that spend more than 15% of their annual expenses on administration and fundraising). Your annual report. A list of the five highest paid employees, their titles and annual compensation (the relevant page from your Form 990 is acceptable). A list of other funding sources (actual or anticipated) for the proposed project and/or for the organization to the extent they are not listed in your annual report or audited financial statements. A list of all directors and senior management, to the extent these are not provided in your annual report. Your I.R.S. 501(c)(3) determination letter.

* General operating requests should identify the organization’s three highest priorities for the year (these may include administrative and/or programmatic goals).

In order to ensure that we optimize the application of our resources, we hold our partners to a rigorous system of accountability for performance and continually seek improved results.